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Healing House

The Spiritual Oasis

Isis Moon's Healing House is privately located near Savannah, Ga.  It is our Spiritual Oasis and a mystical world of its own.  Approved guests can comfortably relax in a private bedroom featuring a king-sized bed, internet access, and full personal bathroom. Complimentary breakfast is provided and beautiful amenities such as access to the nearby river marina. 

The following individuals may request overnight stay to raise their frequencies, reset, and spiritually refresh within our sacred space:

  • Clients who are receiving prescribed spiritual work in-person and have completed Ifa Orisha ebo at least once in the past  

  • Special guests who are active coaching members, spiritual family and/or associates  

The overnight stay is $250 per night which includes a cleaning fee (in addition to any spiritual services being received).  Though many are welcomed to the Temple for services, we are currently only accommodating one guest at a time for overnight stay until future expansion.  Please submit your request below.

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