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Business Services

Wellness Workspaces & Corporate Offsites

Corporate Offsites, also known as Corporate Retreats, offer organizations opportunities to enhance team cohesion, foster creativity, and strategize in a relaxed environment away from the usual workplace distractions. Isis Moon specializes in organizing and setting up these events, as well as onsite work spaces, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned and executed to create a productive and enjoyable experience for corporate teams. Our comprehensive service covers everything from venue selection to logistics, providing a seamless and stress-free experiences for companies.

Cultural Awareness & Cultural Representative Programs

Isis Moon offers Cultural Awareness & Cultural Representative Programs to business corporations and educational institutions, cultivating appreciation and understanding of indigenous cultures, particularly those of African origins. These programs support organizational departments such as DEI, Cultural Exchange, African Studies, and more by providing resources, opportunities, and events that celebrate cultural heritage and support diversity. By tailoring these experiences, organizations promote cultural sensitivity and global awareness. By partnering with business corporations and educational institutions, Isis Moon helps to create more equitable and culturally enriched communities worldwide.

Customized Immersive Experiences & Catered Wellness Events

Brands and Organizations are always remembered by the experience and encounters that they provide. Customized Immersive Experiences, allow organizations to tailor spaces or events specifically for their employees, event attendees, clients, and/or customers. These experiences are designed to align with the unique needs and goals of the organization, providing engaging journeys, and memorable environments that foster connection, creativity, and inspiration. By creating these bespoke experiences, Isis Moon enhances employee fulfillment, customer or attendee engagement, and increased sales, leading to a more dynamic and outstanding culture.

Ori Healing Spaces

Ori Healing Spaces are one of Isis Moon's unique services, which involve designing and setting up dedicated areas for the Ori, a Yoruba word for "head or consciousness". These spaces, available both onsite and offsite, provide clients, customers, and employees with serene environments to engage in mindfulness activities, promoting relaxation and mental well-being. This service ensures a tranquil and supportive atmosphere, enhancing overall workplace harmony and productivity.

Wellness Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel

Isis Moon offers wellness & holistic services to businesses and corporations in the Travel & Tourism industries, providing unique travel experiences designed to nurture a holistic lifestyle and reduce travel-related stress. These services include curated itineraries, mindful sanctuary spaces, and wellness-inclusive/focused activity planning that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. By integrating wellness into travel, Isis Moon helps organizations enhance the travel experience for their clients and employees, stimulating a more pleasurable and memorable journey.

Mindfulness & Inner Power Programs

Isis Moon's "Mindfulness & Inner Power" Programs, are designed to help employees unlock their inner potential and elevate their vibrations through mindfulness techniques. These transformative programs aim to promote mental wellness, improve teamwork, and boost employee morale by addressing workplace challenges and encouraging an amicable work-life style. Participants will learn practices that enhance communication, build resilience, and create a harmonious and productive workplace atmosphere.

Wellness Properties & Community Lifestyle

Isis Moon offers wellness services to Real Estate Property & Leasing businesses & corporate clients which enhance property value and foster a sense of community. These services provide distinctive wellness-focused amenities that attract and empower residents, setting properties apart from competitors. By integrating wellness into residential living, Isis Moon helps create high vibrating and unparalleled communities that appeal to modern residents seeking not only a balanced lifestyle, but exclusivity.

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