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Isis moon has been placed here to help in your spiritual journey and manifest desires into your physical reality.  The word "Isis" is not used to single out any particular religion but to symbolically represent the the Spirit of the Divine Feminine, Mother of All.  Though the correct Kemetic word is Auset, the word "Isis" is used euphonious within the title (simply put, it sounds well in the title),


Isis Moon is a cultural organization and holistic center headed by Iya J. Oyinleye Ifabusayo Ajala . Service and work performed is focused on helping the community achieve success in their life, helping them stay on track and helping to remember as well as understand their purpose in this life. There are 4 main spiritual pillars this organization is based upon which are the Ifa Orisa Tradition, Kongolese Ancestral Spirituality, Divine Feminine Veneration, and Metaphysical Enlightenment.  Please see more below.

The Healing Kingdom of Kongo is a modern community established from the traditional customs and beliefs of the Kongolese tribes of West Central Africa once united as the very prosperous and powerful ancient Kingdom of Kongo.  This community is driven towards spreading awareness across the globe and the preservation of the culture, language, history, ecology and spirituality of the Kongo. In addition, incorporating the celebration of ALL African ancestral lineages as a collective is a key element. Stay updated on our expansion, events, and networking opportunities.

Healing Kingdom of Kongo

Previously located in Arbor Place Mall of the Atlanta, GA area and regular Popup Shops throughout the country.  Our goal is to heal the community by providing various herbal based products such as dried herbs, candles, tinctures, soaps, jewelry, incense, herbal teas and much more.  We pride our customers in knowing that all of our products are handmade and/or 100% natural.  Therefore they are filled with an abundance of spiritual power that you would not get in normal manufactured products.  We now provide the ability to purchase our items online.  Expansion of several other wonderful products coming soon.

Herbal Apothecary

Since 2013 classes and events have been offered to bring knowledge on various subjects and unity within the community.  These opportunities are provided both online as well as in-person throughout the year.  Please check out our schedule and list of topics for upcoming experiences.  We welcome you to receive the enlightenment you've been looking for. 

Classes and Events

The Ifa Orisa System is a form of spiritual practices based on ancestral reverence, nature, science mathematics, and a corpus of wisdom. Often known in America as a Yoruba tradition but actually widely spread across all of Africa. Spiritual Work is offered using this system to help alleviate life's problems and enhance blessings  Divination must be completed before any spiritual work is performed. Our Ifa ile (spiritual house) is called "Ile Ase Gbogbo Ebora" meaning The House of the Power of All the Spirits. Rituals and ceremonies are often performed with a group of priest(ess) and/or the Babalawo & Iyanifa of the house. Currently, Iya J works in partnership with Baba Sangosakin Ajala for Ifa services

Ifa Orisa Ile (House)

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Customized Spiritual Services

Help for Your Life - Serving the community at large with the gifts of the spirit and helping each person achieve emotional, mental and spiritual clarity of mind.

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