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Spiritual Court/Egbe Investigation

Are You A Medium?

  • 30 minutes
  • Phone

Service Description

Did you know that your Spiritual Court or Egbe (yoruba word for "group") are a DIFFERENT set of spirits from your "Ancestors"? Everyone is born with a set of spirits to help them throughout life, whom of which MAY or MAY NOT be connected to you by a blood lineage (ancestors). These spirits come from different sources but commonly: past lives, assigned guides from heaven, spirits that you made an agreement with in the spiritual realm before this incarnation, spiritual mates/spouses They often aid you in your spiritual gifts such as mediumship, tarot reading, healing arts, teaching, clairvoyance, etc. This reading will provide the following: ⚘ a description of the types of spirits around you, within your court/egbe ⚘ any messages or direction that they would like for you to know ⚘ identify any troublesome spirits or any that should not be with you, such as negative/malevolent spirit attachments ⚘ identify any strong spiritual gifts they bless you with ⚘ any challenges/blockages you may be experiencing due to the lack of attention given to them ⚘ suggestions of how to appease them Messages throughout this session are given to you by use of Mediumship and direct divination with the Egbe Shrine.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, please contact me at least 24 hrs before the time of your appointment to avoid charges. If you are late for your appointment, there will be no additional time added to your session. Therefore, if you are 15 mins late for a 30 min session, your session will automatically be reduced to 15 mins.

Contact Details

+ 404-358-3218


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