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Ifa/Dafa Divination

Opele or Ikin

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Phone

Service Description

Ifa: The Science and Mathematics System of African Spirituality and Ancient Corpus of Wisdom Ifa is a spiritual system practiced in different variations throughout Africa, which later spread throughout the Diaspora. Isese is a traditional form of Ifa practice used in West Africa, commonly amongst the Yoruba, and the lineage followed by this ile (spiritual house). Ifa guides One on the best route to fulfilling One's destiny, bringing individuals in alignment with their Ori (Higher Self) and harmony with the others within the community, as well as various other energies. It helps us to balance the Pros and Cons of life. Ifa is the road to self-discovery. Within this tradition we venerate and embrace the guidance of several spiritual energies such as our Ori, Ancestors, Egbe (Spirit Guides within our Spiritual Court), Orisa, Divine Forces of Nature, and Olodumare (God). We divine regularly as well as perform Ebo (Sacrifice) and Offerings to solidify our blessings and lessen the impact of challenges/misfortunes. There are several forms of divination used within this tradition including Obi (Kola Nut), Erindinlogun (16 Cowries), Opele (Chain with 8 split seeds), and Ikin (Palm Nuts). The Ifa/Dafa Divination incorporates the use of Opele and/or Ikin. It is only performed by a Babalawo or Iyanifa (High Priest or Priestess of Ifa). There are 256 specific Odu Ifa (signs) of this divination resulting in hundreds or thousands of verses/messages that can apply to you. Ifa incorporates the concept that "There is nothing new under the Sun". Therefore whatever you are experiencing has occurred with someone at some point in ancient times and can be diagnosed for you. The divining priest(ess) can be viewed as a spiritual "doctor" and the divination as your spiritual "diagnosis" for problem resolution or blessing enhancement. Ifa is a well performed divination system that has been proven over millennia. **Suggestions for receiving this type of divination: During times of major decisions or changes (marriage, birth, death, move, travel), physical illness, initiation inquiries, spiritual attack/illness. Otherwise, it is a good practice to receive this divination about 2 times a year in general to assure alignment. ***VIP DISCLAIMER: Please do not get this type of reading unless you are financially prepared to do the necessary spiritual work which may be prescribed as a result by Ifa.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, please contact me at least 24 hrs before the time of your appointment to avoid charges. If you are late for your appointment, there will be no additional time added to your session. Therefore, if you are 15 mins late for a 30 min session, your session will automatically be reduced to 15 mins.

Contact Details

+ 404-358-3218


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