Prosperity Bath


Prosperity is more than just money or attracting money from time to time.

Prosperity is having wealth (long term financial stability) and success in multiple areas of your life such as health, children, etc.

Change your state of mind. Cleanse and refresh your spirit to attract...
Prosperity of life

Vibrate on a different level with our Prosperity Spiritual Baths


Product Disclaimers: 

  • There is a request for the client to add their own yellow flowers because they may dry out too much during the shipping process.
  • In the event of more serious spiritual issues, it is highly suggested to get a divination or reading before ordering a spiritual bath to ensure your case is addressed with the appropriate remedies.

Prosperity Bath

$125.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Herbs for this bath have to be ordered fresh from another location.  Therefore, the average preparation and shipping time is about 7-10 days for customers to receive their order.