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©2018 by Iya J. Oyinleye

Smoke and Liquor Libations: "Raise The Dead" 🖤ANCESTOR ALTAR CANDLES 💜 ⁣⁣
Once this candle is lit, give it 30 minutes... The aroma and power will shift the energy in the entire area. Your ancestors can't resist it. They WILL come through and be highly pleased, especially with a short prayer to them. This candle is an offering all on its own filled with glitter, flowers, and a secret scent used to attract the spirits.

Available in 2 colors: WHITE and PURPLE ⁣
White is recommended for an Ancestor Altar. Purple can be lit anywhere else.⁣

Iya's "Raise Da Dead" Candle

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
  • Enchanted soy candle empowered with prayer and the scent of liquor libations to attract the ancestors. 
    Topped with colorful glitter and flowers

    Available in White and Purple

    Size: 15.2 oz,  Width: 4 inches, Height:  5.7 inches

    Burn Time:  approx 72 hrs