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Payment Options

Spiritual Work, Coaching Programs, Readings/Divination, Natural Healing Services...all these things can get expensive over time.  Living a holistic lifestyle in general can be more costly and time consuming, just as eating healthy is more expensive than eating fast food and junk food.

We want to make our clients experience as free flowing as possible.  Currently, we are investigating ways to help our clients have more flexibility and options to make payments.  There are very few Health Insurance plans that will pay for non-traditional holistic treatments for their customers.  Most "Buy Now, Pay Later" companies only offer their plans to Retailer-type merchants as opposed to service based merchants.  Therefore, the following are the best plans we are aware of for our clients at this time:

  • "Pay In 4" via PayPal

  • PayPal Credit

  • AfterPay via Square

The services available for AfterPay can be accessed using the button below.  An option to use PayPal is also available for all invoices sent and items purchased at check-out via this site.  

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